$445.71 430 Carat Gold ore rainbow nugget Specimen quartz $385 Make in Laval, Quebec for sale


Great to decorate your desk or as a paperholderand even a good luck charm utilizing its energy for positivity ! Rare to find such a superb piece!! Nice veins! Beautiful collectors specimen rainbow Gold ore! You don't see this everyday! Really shines and sparkles under the light! A real firework!!! So much eye candy!! green,blue,purple,pink,orange and and gold color hues! Wow!!!! What a stunner!! Size: 37 x 34 x 34mm 1 1/2in x 1 1/4 in x 1 1/4 in Weight: 430 carat , 88grs! 3.1 once!! Our store Buy it Now price : $385 Please do not purchase gold ore from me, then send me an email stating you want to return your piece because you mistook it for a solid gold nugget. I'm not advertising as that, that would cost you into the high hundreds & thousands of dollars considering the weight & size of gold ore I'm selling. NO RESERVE! I have a few of these and they are gorgeous!!! The gold ore nugget you are bidding on is generally mined to refine, in order to get gold, silver & sometimes copper or platinum. Many people now buy choice pieces of natural Gold ore like this in order to keep as a piece of beauty & history. Collectors... This is a piece you will want for your collection. Gold Ore is a great investment. BEAUTIFUL GOLD ORE! You don't need a loop to see the beauty in this Gold ore piece! The gold, silver, platinum ore in the photo is the exact 1 you will receive. Solid gold nuggets are very rare. Be careful when bidding, don't be fooled by others claiming their ore is solid gold or silver, this simply isn't the norm & is very rare. A beauty to own if you are a collector. I cannot guarantee any amount of precious metals but the metals that can be found in this ore is: Gold, Silver & in some cases Platinum ,a spectrometer should in any case give you precious metal readings in ppm.(parts per million) If you are skilled at refining ore, this is the ore to crush, but personally, it's perfect as is, just to keep for its beauty & more valuable. Remember that solid gold nuggets are rare! Most all gold on todays market have been extracted via a refining process, from ore just like the specimens I offer. If you are not familiar with gold ore, please do some research before bidding!!! Ores are not solid gold nuggets. In order to extract gold from ore, there are several different refining techniques that are used. I'm selling museum quality gold, silver, platinum ores which can re-sell for high prices . Most people who buy these pieces are collectors & know Super High Grade Gold Ore & the value they hold. You can refine these pieces & yield quality precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, copper and more. I urge buyers to keep these select pieces as is, you will not see profit by crushing these select gold, silver, platinum ore pieces, unless you plan on buying Huge amounts....money invested will increase significantly by keeping them in their natural state & re-selling them just as they are. May include any or all of the following Material:Gold silver chalcopyrite, galena and sphalerite,pyrite You are bidding on a very nice piece of gold ore. If you are a gold collector here is your chance to add a new type of gold to your collection. It is very difficult to see the gold and the beautiful sparkle that this piece has from the photo I have taken the picture with a flash to try and bring out some of the sparkle. This piece of gold ore contains trace amounts of gold, silver, and platinum. Gold and silver are obtained from a variety of ores. Most people think of nuggets and such, but the truth is that very little comes from nuggets, nearly all newly mined gold comes from ores mined from natural hard rocks that contain gold in tiny,even microscopic particles. Refer to detailed photos which have been enlarged to show the texture and info of the items on auctions. The images of the item are bigger than the actual item of course,it is to show the information,so the the images were zoomed many times. FREE SHIPPING !!! FREE COMBINED SHIPPING! You pay shipping only once,you may add any amount of items to your order free of charge.

Category:  Furniture  |  Address:  Laval Quebec

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